Managing the Nervous System / Window of Tolerance |ONLINE May 3, 2019 | 9am - 12pm PST

Training Module for LI Consultants and Certified LI Therapists to enhance results in identifying and managing arousal states in LI therapy work. Earn 3 CE's

About this training module

The focus of this course is to define Window of Tolerance (WOT); increase clinicians skills in identifying and managing arousal states during an LI session; and creating treatment plans to expand clients WOT and self-regulation.

The process of Lifespan Integration and the frame of each protocol allows for the widening of a client's WOT whether the clinician is clearing trauma directly or intentionally building in core strength.  The best results using LI occur when the clinician is able to manage their own WOT while containing the clients arousal states within a given session and during the course of the treatment plan.  

There will be approximately 2 hours of content and 1 hour for Q & A.


Online, using zoom meeting platform.  You will receive the meeting invite information upon registration.

Course size

Maximum of 6 participants.  

CE Credits

3 credits earned


Certified LI therapist or LI Approved Consultant / Supervisors only.

What's included?

Cindy Wuflestad
Cindy Wuflestad
LI Instructor and US Director of Lifespan Integration Certification

About the instructor

Cindy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has been involved in the LI community for 14 years. She is committed to equipping you to be an educated, informed, and confident Lifespan Integration expert. Reliable information, skill building, and feedback are critical parts of improving your LI work.

She is also trained in CIMBS, EFT, and EMDR.

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